Tamarac Arts & Crafts Festival

April 1-2, 2017
Presented by Tamarac Chamber of Commerce in partnership with City of Tamarac

What an Art Festival Can Do for Your City


With the inaugural Tamarac Arts and Crafts Festival being held on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2016, many may be wondering how this event can benefit your city and community. This festival, presented by the Tamarac Chamber of Commerce in partnership with City of Tamarac, aims to unite the people of our city of all ages and cultures while showcasing an array of arts and crafts and offering local businesses the opportunity to reach out to the community – to name just a few of the many benefits.

Art as a Universal Language

The ability that art has to unite people from many different walks of life is one feature of the festival that is seen as a wonderful perk. Everyone can enjoy a beautiful piece of art, a skillful craft, a delicious meal, or sublime musical talents. Even more than that, any can partake in these events! While only a finite number of artists and craftsmen will be able to display their wares and partake in the competition portion of the festival, we will have many opportunities for the hundreds and thousands of spectators, young and old, to get involved and try out some arts and crafts themselves.


The artists competition will be a juried event with prize money of $3,000 that will be presented at a special dinner on the Saturday evening during the show – this will attract artists and craftsmen from across the Country and South Florida. The prize money will be raised through the selling of a cookbook that was created by the Tamarac Chamber of Commerce. The book will be launched on September 17 and will be available for sale at the Turkey Trot, Taste of Tamarac, and other chamber events. Applications for vendors are currently open and can be found on our website.

Fun for Everyone

While the arts and crafts booths will no doubt be the main attraction for many spectators, there will also be live entertainment provided on a large stage in the center of the festival. Our main act will be Ed Horowitz Strolling and Wedding Musician, a great entertainer with a passion for creating beautiful and unique melodies inspired from his travels around the United States and Europe. With many other entertainers lined-up, this will be an event you do not want to miss.

Kids Corner

While art naturally appeals to the masses, we will have a dedicated kids section of the festival, where your young ones can spend hours entertaining themselves and learning new skills. We will have 4 – 6 interactive children’s art areas, each offering a different art form or craft for your child to delve into.

Supporting Local Businesses

The Tamarac Arts and Crafts Festival will offer many opportunities for local businesses. Our sponsorship packages provide a perfect opportunity for a business to get involved with the community by supporting a great event. The media coverage and the spectator presence will mean that your business receives fantastic exposure and advertizing opportunities.

An Event for the Future

An event such as the Tamarac Arts and Crafts Festival is an opportunity to bring the city together and foster a sense of community. The success of this event and any profits earned will be invested into future Arts and Crafts Festivals for our city – growing with the community and getting better and better each year.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Tamarac Arts and Crafts Festival or other events presented by the Tamarac Chamber of Commerce, feel free to contact us or visit our website and Facebook page.