Tamarac Arts & Crafts Festival

2019 Event Canceled
Presented by the Tamarac North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the City of Tamarac

2019 Tamarac Arts and Crafts Festival

Tamarac Arts and Crafts FestivalTamarac North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce will present the third Tamarac Arts and Crafts Festival on March 30th 2019, with a focus on original art works that communicate the creativity and flair of the local community. After a successful festivals in 2016 and 2017, the Chamber of Commerce will present artists, musicians, jewelers, photographers, and artisans to showcase their talents and products. Food trucks/stations, entertainment, crafters, and an interactive children’s area.

The Arts and Crafts Festival is an initiative of the Tamarac North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce to celebrate all that is part of Central and North West Broward. With the intention of connecting people from different cultures, ages and places; the festival truly captures the essence of community. The reason for the success? It is a direct representation of the thriving community!

There are various ways to involve yourself in the upcoming festival; namely sponsorship, artistic talent, and supporting through attendance.

Why get involved?

Sponsorship is one of the ways that you can get involved. The festival provides an exclusive marketing opportunity with a large spectator presence and on-site media. It is one of the festival’s objectives to put to the forefront both the vendors and the business sponsors that Tamarac and North Lauderdale has to offer. Your choice of sponsorship package involvement will be sowing a seed of community, and adding to the overall high level of event quality.

As an artist or craftsman, your unique creations will be displayed and commercially offered to the community. This opportunity extends further to include entertainment artists and their chance to perform to a crowd. Applications are open and encouraged for both artists and entertainers.

Building community

The intention of the festival is to boost the sense of community, foster pride and add an economic spin to local talents, hobbies and creative skills. Showcasing local work to both residents and visitors allows for revenue to be generated. The collaboration of artists, sponsors, entertainers and planners at a community festival generates a sense of kinship that can otherwise be hard to come by. Relationships are strengthened through interactions, and insight is given into neighbor participants as they showcase their work or service. There are new things to be learnt and the community reputation and pride is reinforced.

A festival provides a fun way to support local businesses in a personalized environment. The profits are fed back into the community, and creativity is inspired. A perfect opportunity to get involved and become an active part of the community.

There is no better City than Tamarac to have a Starving Artist format Arts & Crafts Festival. The new construction and affordability of homes with the amenities and geographical location make Tamarac a hot spot for people to settle here. We believe home owners want good events to attend, creating a sense of belonging and being part of their community. Unique original art at the home town arts and crafts show with live entertainment, food and refreshments will make our success. Let us come together and showcase local art that can be appreciated for existing and new residents improving quality of life and homes.